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About software testing 22518

Iin today’s software environment writing bug-free code is challenging task, which make software
testing important tool to get the quality software.

Testing techniques include the process of
executing a program or application with the intent of finding software bugs and verifying that the
software product is fit for use.

Students will lean the way 10 find bugs by applying types, levels
and methods of software testing on applications with cffective test planning approach. It also
covers manual testing.

software testing

The outcomes of the subject

The theory, practical experiences and relevant soft skills associated with this course are to be
taught and implemented, so that the student demonstrates the following industry oriented
COs associated with the above mentioned competency:

a. Apply various software testing methods.

b. Prepare test cases for different types and levels of testing.

c. Prepare test plan for an application. Engish

d. Identify bugs to create defect report of given application.

e. Test software for performance measures using automated testing tools.

SR Name of the Solved manual Information

22518 software testing Manual

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