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MSBTE industrial tranning

For MSBTE industrial training student this things should be done:

  1. listen to instructor properly

  2. Learn from important sites about subjects

  3. Make daiy notes about the work

  4. try to participate on own and study carefully

  5. Learn everthing about subject

Industrial tranning hold 150 marks for 5th semester msbte at the end of msbte 5th sem students have to give a viva test for industrial tranning and also they need to show their project/knowledge to the supervisor. MSBTE appoints industrial person for msbte viva.
So you should study properly for getting good technical as well as practical knowledge
Below is the balnk report for weekly dairy and one example report for msbte students for industrial tranning | MSBTE [format]

Format for industrial training report

Format for industrial training report

This is msbte example of the report for just reference for just a format please don't it as exactly it's just a report

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