22316 Object Oriented Programming Using C++ OOP solved lab manual pdf | Manual Answer

1. About subject

In the modern world of Information technology, Object-Oriented Programming has become
the most preferred approach for software development.

It offers a powerful way to cope with
the complexity of real-world problems.


Among the OOP languages available, C-++ is the primitive
language that develops a fundamental understanding of Object-Oriented Concepts.

This course
enables students to develop programs in *C++* using Object Oriented Programming approach.


The theory, practical experiences, and relevant soft skills associated with this course are to be
taught and implemented so that the student demonstrates the following industry-oriented
COs associated with the competency mentioned above:

  1. Develop C++ programs to solve problems using Procedure Oriented Approach.

  2. Develop C#+ programs using classes and objects.

  3. Implement Inheritance in the C-++ program

  4. Use Polymorphism in C + program.

  5. Develop C:++ programs to perform file operations.


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