SE | Software Engineering MCQ SPPU | DSE Practice MCQ

 Subject:   Software Engineering

-       Code:        BCE4407

        1.    What does SDLC stands for?

a)      System Design Life Cycle

b)      Software Design Life Cycle

c)      Software Development Life Cycle

d)      System Development Life cycle

        2.    What is Software?

a)      Software is set of programs

b)      Software is documentation and configuration of data

c)      Software is set of programs, documentation, and configuration of data

d)      None of the mentioned


        3.    Software compatibility means?

a)      Being able to connect Machine together

b)      Being able to transfer data between the old and new machines

c)      Being able to use existing programs with the new program

d)      Both b and c


        4.    First step in software development lifecycle

a)      System Design

b)      Coding

c)      System Testing

d)    Preliminary Investigation and Analysis

         5.    Which of the following is not an activity of a Generic Process framework?

a)      Communication

b)      Transaction

c)      Modeling

d)      Deployment


    6.    What are various examples of system software?

a)      Compiler

b)      editors

c)      file management utilities

d)      All the above


         7.    What is the foundation of software engineering?

a)      Methods

b)      Tools

c)      Process

d)      All of the above

8.    Software maintenance must be performed in order to?

a)      correct faults

b)      improve the design

c)      implement enhancements

d)      All of the above


        9.    Software costs_________ to maintain than it does to develop.

a)      Less

b)      More - correct

c)      Equal

d)      None


    10.    Which of the following is not layered technology?

a)      method

b)      process

c)      quantity

d)      quality



    1.      c)

    2.      c)

    3.      c)

    4.      d)

    5.      b)

    6.      d)

    7.      c)

    8.      d)

    9.      b)

    10.   c)