MA | Microprocessor Architecture MCQ SPPU | DSE Practice MCQ


Subject:  Microprocessor Architecture

1. Y=(A+B)/(C+D) requires how many instructions?

a)      3

b)      4

c)      5

d)      6


     2. Which code is used for representing characters?

a)      ASCII

b)      Integer

c)      Binary Code

d)      Machine Code

      3. MOV CL, 02H . Classify the Addressing Modes

a)      Direct

b)       Indirect

c)      Immediate

d)      Register

     4. Small number of general purpose registers are required in?

a)      RISC

b)      CISC

c)      Both a and b

d)      None of above

     5. Which Transfer is present between CPU and cache?

a)      Word Transfer

b)      Block Transfer

c)      Byte Transfer

d)      Quad Transfer


    6. Which Mapping has Fixed location for given block?

a)      Direct

b)      Associative

c)      Set Associative

d)      All of above

      7. Which Mapping  given block maps to any line in a given set?

a)      Direct

b)      Assocsiative

c)      Set Associative

d)      All of above


8. Updates initially made in cache only in?

a)      Write Policy

b)      Write through

c)      Write back

d)      None of above

     9. What is an instruction set?

a)      Machine Code

b)      Binary

c)      represented by assembly codes

d)      All of above

     10. In machine code each instruction has a unique bit pattern

a)      Same

b)      Unique

c)      None of above

d)      All of above



        1. b)

        2. a)

        3. c)

        4. b)

        5. a)

        6. a)

        7. c)

        8. c)

        9. d)

        10. b)