CN | Computer Networks MCQ SPPU | DSE Practice MCQ

 Subject:   Computer Networks

Code:    BCE4405

1.      Which layer of TCP/IP supports connection-oriented and connection-less services?

a)      Physical Layer

b)      Data Link Layer

c)      Transfer Layer

d)      Application Layer

2.      Which is the practically implemented network model in internet?

a)      OSI

b)      TCP/IP

c)      SNA

d)      All of these


3.      Which cable can be used to transmit signal over a long distance without using any device?

a)      Coaxial

b)      Twisted pair

c)      Fibre Optic

d)      None of these

4.      Which spread spectrum is used for analog  signal transmission?

a)      DSSS

b)      FHSS

c)      THSS

d)      None of above


5.      By using hub, can we design star topology?

a)      Yes

b)      no

6.      Which wave make use of omnidirectional antenna for transmission?

a)      Radio waves

b)      Microwave

c)      Infrared

d)      None of above

7.      Which transmission mode make use of start and stop bit?

a)      Synchronous

b)      Asynchronous

c)      Isochronous

d)      None of these

8.      Line coding is a process of converting?

a)      Analog to analog signal

b)      Digital to analog signal

c)      Analog to digital signal

d)      Digital to digital signal

9.      Bit rate is defined as?

a)      No. of bits transmitted per second

b)      No. of bits transmitted per signal

c)      No. of bits transmitted per minute

d)      None of these


10.      Multiplexing involves?

a)      Adding carrier signal in original signal

b)      Combining two or more channels data

c)      Removal of carrier signal

d)      None of these 


    1.      c)

    2.      b)

    3.      c)

    4.      a)

    5.      a)

    6.      a)

    7.      b)

    8.      d)

    9.      a)

    10.  b)