VB.NET important questions | syntax

What is namespace?

Namespaces organize the objects defined in an assembly. Assemblies can contain multiple namespaces, which can in turn contain other namespaces. Namespaces prevent ambiguity and simplify references when using large groups of objects such as class libraries

Syntax for vb.net

1) If-else control system

If condition[ Then]
[ statements]
[ ElseIf condition [ Then ]
[ statements ] ]
[ Else
[ elsestatements ] ]
End If

2) Select case statement:

Select [Case] expression
[Case expression list
[statements] ]
[Case Else
[else statements] ]
End Select

Do loop

[Continue Do]
[Exit Do]
Loop { While | Until } condition

while loop

While condition
Exit While
End While

for each loop

For Each [Item] In [Group]
Next [Item]
'Item: The Item in the group
'Group: The group containing similar items
'LoopBody: The code you want to execute within For Each Loop

Here ' is comment [ which tells compilers not to execute this code]

This was vb.net important questions and syntax