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Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE) is an autonomous Board of Government of Maharashtra mandated to regulate matters about Diploma Level Technical education in the state.

Curriculum development- its efficient implementation strategies through faculty development programs, student development initiatives, industry-institution interaction, Academic monitoring, and various online evaluation activities have been the significant symbol of MSBTE.

In the recent past, MSBTE has made its foray into skill development activities, thus broadening its horizon and area of service.

However, the revision of curricula to suit the essence of the industry as expected from diploma students had become a dire need and, of late, a critical parameter for employability which has been accomplished and implemented from the academic year 2017-18.

Msbte diploma unit test exams online or offline :

Recently Msbte has declared they are starting msbte colleges offline and gave all college permission to start academic in offline mode with actual practical lesson and learning.

Breaking news: MSBTE has announced offline unit test examinations for the even semesters (2nd, 4th, and 6th).
MSBTE circular stated that :

In connection with the above subject reference no. For the same semester course in the academic year 2021-22 as per 1,   The board has announced the academic schedule.

Also, reference no. Educational in the institutions affiliated to the board as per 2 circulars
Classes have been reported to start live.

Reference no. 3 through the Department of Higher Technical Education circular, Government of Maharashtra.
Exams conducted until 15/02/2022 should be conducted online and subsequent examinations.

It has been suggested that universities should decide at their level whether to take it offline/online.

Accordingly, all the syllabus for the academic year 2021-22 is connected with the above subject.

Further first/second/third component test examination of the syllabus will be conducted offline.

Mentioned in 1
The schedule should be taken as per the board standard.

Regarding the management of Covid-19 in the institutes affiliated to the state board while conducting this component test
National directives, additional directives on workplaces, guidelines or standards issued by the State Government from time to time
The operating system (SOP) and the guidelines issued from time to time should be strictly followed.

so the exams are not gonna

The official decision from MSBTE on the summer unit test

Msbte Academic Calendar 2021-22 Even Term

No Course
Even term
Class Test
1 Semester Pattern AICTE
Diploma Engineering
14- June
3, 2022
April 04- 06 2022 May 25 –
27 2022
2 Yearly Pattern
Mining Courses (1,2,3)
January 24,
June 3, 2022
1st Class Test is
already Conducted in
odd Term of A.Y
May 25 –
27, 20220
3 pharmacy 1st and 2nd
January 24,

June 3, 2022
1st Class Test is
already Conducted in
odd Term of A.Y
March 07
– 12, 200
May 23
- 28, 2022

MSBTE model question papers & answer papers for exams

Since the colleges are offline and exams too, students should know the exam pattern and need to practice a lot of question papers, and for reference, students can use msbte model answer papers.

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FAQ for MSBTE summer exams

is msbte unit test exams are offline or online

MSBTE unit test exams are offline.

msbte summer 2022 exams are offline or online

MSBTE hasn't stated anything but the estimation is that the exam will be held offline.

How to download msbte Question papers

Visit[modelpapers] for the model papers.

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