How to study for msbte exams | tips to score 95% in MSBTE exams

Thinking about scoring good marks in MSBTE exams and wanting to score 90% marks?

You can do it.

Yes, How? Ok, take popcorn and let us get started with our title, "How to study for MSBTE exams."

So Marks is the output of what you studied the whole year, how many lectures you attended, and most importantly, what you understood from that lectures.

You need to learn from the start and not before one day before the exams.

Now let us go through the whole process in detail. Here are the top 10 tips for studying for MSBTE exams:,

  1. Creating a study timetable

  2. avoiding distractions

  3. Focusing and taking notes

  4. Answering questions and doubts

  5. Doing practicals on time

  6. Working in teamwork and creating projects

  7. Give your vivas/orals carefully

  8. Use good notes/books

  9. Solve previous year's answer papers.

  10. How to write answers in exams.

Creating a study timetable:

Students need a timetable since it aids in developing deadlines and the ability to stick to them.

So first of all, note down your all subjects and figure out what you should study for each, like reading, doing practice problems, and revising your notes.


Make a daily schedule as well as a monthly schedule for studying. Then select the perfect time, which can be in the early morning or late at night.

Try to solve sums for subjects like Mathematics applied mechanics. Revise notes for theoretical subjects. Moreover, do practical for practical subjects and programming subjects.

While studying, create a study environment or a room for studying, in which you should remove all distractions like a mobile phone(tip: best keep phone on aeroplane mode).

Keep your things organized and stick your timetable on the wall for better vision.

Always keep your rooms neat, and only keep the most important items on your study table.


According to studies, students should maintain their rooms tidy at all times for improved attention and fewer distractions.


Avoiding distractions

Distractions are a danger to learning and studying. Distractions might be anything from a phone to mental ideas to noise.


As I previously stated, create a study area or an environment conducive to learning. Set your phone to airplane mode and tell your parents or friends not to disturb you while you're studying.


Keep always room clean and tidy so you can focus on studying. Write your thoughts or work on a piece of paper to do it later, and your mind will be stable.


Also, try to take breaks between studies to keep your mind fresh. In chunks, you can study more than continuous study. Don't study one subject for more than 2 hours. If you study continuously, you can get bored.

Don't use phone in break you can go for walks.


As a reward, give in to your distraction. Distractions can be beneficial and motivating when getting through your studies. Let's say you have an hour to study Mathematics but are constantly sidetracked by humorous kitten videos.


Tell yourself that if you can study for an hour without being distracted, you'll be able to watch as many cat videos as you like.


focusing and taking notes
Generally, you should be able to grasp 70% of your courses in college when teaching. You should sit on comfortable seat and form connections with good students who can assist you with your studies and whom you can ask your questions.


And while teaching concentrate on teaching and ask your doubts to your teachers so you can clear your doubts and don't be shy if you are then asking after the class is over.


Also, you can ask your friends and seniors about douts, project ideas, etc.
You may also ask your friends and elders for recommendations, project ideas, and so forth.


While instructing, take crucial notes that will aid you in reviewing your notes at home.
Taking notes when studying for examinations might help you feel more confident.
As a result, taking notes is essential if you want to get a high score on the msbte examinations. Also, attempt to keep your notes up to date as the syllabus changes.


Vivas internal marks and projects:

Not only are examinations accountable for your total subject grade, but internal assessment grades are also important for increasing grades.


Internals need you to be more conversational, provide responses, and your attendance is also important. Give good answers to your teacher's, good behaviour, and also your clean and tidy practicals or experiments.


You should always start writing practicals after being taught in colleges. Msbte lab manuals play an essential role in improving practical knowledge about that subject. And also try to do that practical at home too.


Practical questions are crucial so that questions may be asked in msbte external/internal vivas. Students should study the msbte lab manual as well as theoretical texts when preparing for vivas.

Always answer assertive answers for viva practicals and study hard for exams.


Now Let's come towards Microprojects:


Microprojects are specific output for given questions students have to create a mini-project to show the studied output. Students should create their groups if not then ask their teachers to enroll their name on the list.


Discuss your microproject topics with your teammates try to create a unique project which can impress your teacher. If you are in the last year of diploma MSBTE, you should create a mega project which can be crucial in your daily life.


Create proper microproject reports part-A and part B. Reports should be in the format as per the msbte suggested.


Learn about your topic carefully visit various sites, Wikipedia pages, forms, etc.For getting extra information about the topic.


So above things can help you in improving your marks in internals.


Books, exams and previous year papers :

So let's talk about exams, Exams are an important phase of anyone's life your overall score depends on exams. So I hope you have designed your timetable till now?

Exams tips:  

  • A study from the beginning never procrastinate

  • Write precise answers in exams

  • Don't try to make paper dirty

  • Always keep papers tidy

  • Learn things from the syllabus

  • While writing in exams draw diagrams so the supervisor can be impressed or understand answers.

  • Make a mathematical column on the right side of the page and do rough work on the right side.

  • Do handwriting practice.

Msbte model questions papers:

  • Practice your knowledge using the previous year's question and answer papers.

  • Practising papers can help you in boosting your confidence for exams

  • Practising papers help you know how questions are asked for exams.

  • There is the probability that some questions may be asked for Msbte exams

Download [msbte modal papers].

Books :

Books are crucial for exams books can help in study and also it includes the previous year question and important questions.

Books which is suggested are :

  • Nirali

  • Techmax

  • Reference books


  • Study according to the timetable.

  • Avoid distractions.

  • Create a study environment.

  • Use reference books.

  • Solve previous year's papers.

Hope, this post helps you and You will pass with flying colors.