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Any mechanical industry, industrial engineering integrates men, machines, materials, methods of production, information, and energy to make a product and hence enhance productivity by eliminating wastefulness in production processes. Mechanical engineering
technologists need to determine the standardized process, time for its completion known as work and time study, measuring the output in terms of productivity, evaluation of jobs,
workers and determining the wages and incentives, measurement of quality of the product.

Quality Control is an effective system of integrating quality development, quality
maintenance and quality improvement efforts of the various groups in the industry, to
enable production and services at the most economical level which tends towards full customer
satisfaction. Understanding of fundamental principles of industrial engineering and quality
control helps technologists in maximizing efficiency within a company by finding the best
use of people, equipment, and facilities.


This course aims to help the student to attain the following industry identified
competency through various teaching-learning experiences:

« Apply Industrial Engineering and Quality Control techniques for assuring
quality of products and services.


The theory, practical experiences, and relevant soft skills associated with this course are to be
taught and implemented, so that the student demonstrates the following industry-oriented
COs associated with the above-mentioned competency:

  1. Apply work-study techniques to optimize manufacturing processes.

  2. Prepare the detailed sequence of operations for manufacturing components.

  3. Apply Ergonomic principle for designing simple mechanical component.

  4. Interpret the data obtained from the different quality control processes.

  5. Interpret control charts for variable and attribute data.

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