22620 Network and Information Security NIS solved lab manual pdf

Computer network security is an important aspect of today’s world. Nowadays due to various
threats designing security in an organization is an important consideration. It is essential to
understand basic security principles, various threats to security, and techniques to address
these threats.
The student will be able to recognize potential threats to confidentiality,
integrity, and availability and also be able to implement various computer security policies. This
course will introduce basic cryptographic techniques, fundamentals of computer/network
security, Risks faced by computers and networks, security mechanisms, operating system
security, secure System design principles, and network security principles. Also, it will create
awareness about IT ACT and different Cyber laws.

This course aims to help the student to attain the following industry identified
competency through various teaching leaming experiences:


The theory, practical experiences, and relevant soft skills associated with this course are to be
taught and implemented, so that the student demonstrates the following industry-oriented
COs associated with the above-mentioned competency:

a) Identify risks related to Computer security and Information hazard in various
situations 1

b) Apply user identification and authentication methods.

c) Apply cryptographic algorithms and protocols to maintain Computer Security.

d) Apply measures to prevent attacks on the network using the firewall.

©) Maintain secured networks and describe Information Security Compliance standards.

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