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Python is a very capable programming language. It offers efficient high-level data structures and an object-oriented programming technique that is simple yet effective. Python code is simple, short, legible, intuitive, and powerful, making it ideal for teaching computing and programming.

Beginners' problem-solving Its graceful syntax and dynamic typing, as well as its

Because of its interpreted nature, it's great for scripting and quick application development.

in a variety of sectors and on a variety of platforms


The theory, practical experiences, and necessary soft skills connected with this course are to be taught and applied in such a way that the student can show the following industry-oriented COs associated with the competency listed above:

  1. Using the Python script in the IDE, display a message on the screen.

  2. Create a Python program to show how to utilize Operators.

  3. In Python, perform operations on data structures.

  4. Create functions for a specific situation.

  5. Create classes to solve a specific problem.

  6. Deal with exceptions.

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