22446 Manufacturing Processes (MPR) solved lab manual


Diploma careers require the knowledge of core principles of manufacturing processes to
design, analyze and manufacture industrial equipment, transport systems. aircraft. robots and
others. This subject intends 1o help the students in performing various operations on Lathe.
Drilling machine. Shaper. Sloter, Welding, and Foundry shop. It gives an insight of how the ras
material pets converted into finished products using various. manufacturing processes and


The aim of this course is 1o help the student 10 again the following industry identified
competency through various teaching-learning experiences:

* Produce components using conventional manufacturing processes.


‘The theory, practical experiences and relevant soft skills associated with this course are 1 be.
taught and implemented, so that the student demonstrates the following industry-oriented
COs associated with the above mentioned competency:

  1. Produce jobs using a lathe and drilling machines.

  2. Produce jobs using shaping and slotting operations.

  3. Prepare product using different casting processes.

  4. Prepare products using different forming processes.

  5. Use joining process to produce jobs,

22446 Manufacturing Processes (MPR) solved lab manual