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Are you searching for msbte notes everywhere and can't find notes for diploma msbte 4th sem civil, exactly you are on the right post. We have included all msbte notes for the Msbte 4th-semester civil branch. Alright, let's get started with the post

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So subjects for msbte 4th semester for civil are:

  • 22401 Hydraulics (HRY)

  • 22402 Theory of Structures(TOS)

  • 22447 Environmental Studies (EST)

  • 22403 Railway and BridgeEnginering(RBE)

  • 22404 Geotechnical Engineering (GTE)

22401 hydraulics (HRY)

Download hydraulics notes

Download hydraulics book

22402 Theory of Structures(TOS)

The design of a structure, in a broad sense, consists of two parts: the first part deals with determining forces at any point or member of the given system, and the second part deals with selecting and designing appropriate sections to resist these forces.

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Theory of Structures

Theory of Structures

22447 Environmental Studies (EST)

Environmental studies are studied To help people understand current environmental issues. Environmental studies employ physical, chemical, biological, and social processes. It gives students the skills they'll need to deal with ecological problems.

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22403 Railway and Bridge Enginering(RBE)

Railway bridges are unique structures that necessitate a thorough understanding of structural engineering and the daily operations and safety requirements of major passenger lines.

Download Railway and Bridge Enginering

22404 Geotechnical Engineering (GTE)

Soil, rock, groundwater, and artificial materials, as well as their interactions with earth retention systems, structure foundations, and other civil engineering work, are investigated and evaluated by geotechnical engineers.

Download Geotechnical Engineering

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