Python Programminng Introduction

Here we are going to learn python......


This language was created by Guido Van Rossum in 1991. Python is one of
the best programming languages. Python is high level and multi-programming
language. Day by day, the popularity of this language is increasing.
Because this language is elegant and designed to be easy to use and

What is python?

  • An all-purpose, general language that works on multiple platforms.

  • High level and easy to learn.

  • More commonly used for machine learning and predictive modeling.

  • Open source and free to learn and use more commonly by developers.

Why is python so popular?

  • The language continued to rank highly on various lists of the world's
    most popular programming languages.

  • Many programmers view python as a language with a clean syntax and an
    expansive library.

  • In python's case, it's Google, which uses the programming language in
    several applications (a corporate sponsor)

Advantages of python:

  1. Easy.

  2. Free and open source.

  3. Expressive.

  4. High-level.

  5. Interpreted.

  6. Portable.

  7. Object-oriented.

  8. Extensible.

  9. Embeddable

  10. Large standard libraries.

  11. Dynamically typed.

  12. GUI programming.

  13. Good fir for data science, machine learning, and artificial

But before we start to learn, let's look in which field python has more

For the last 5years, this language has taken an incredible speed in the
programming world. This language is mainly used in Web development, Machine
Learning(ML), Artificial Intelligence, GUI development, etc.  

Top companies using python:

  • Google

  • NASA

  • Netflix

  • Spotify

  • Pinterest

  • Dropbox

  • Central intelligence agency

  • PayPal

Career Opportunities:

Becoming a python developer, you can work as a Software engineer, Web
developer, Data scientist, Data analyst, Machine learning engineer, Artificial Intelligence engineer.

So in the next lesson, we will start to learn python from basic.

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