Msbte Notes for Semester 1I-scheme diploma pdf

So, Guys, First of all, welcome to Msbte, and here I am going to share notes
and tips for Msbte. Msbte is an autonomous board introduced in August 1963,
and it has been very successful in helping students so far, and it will be
helping in the future too. 

So let's start with Notes as you are here for that only, but also please know lesson some mistakes that students make while studying in Msbte.

Notes for semester 1 I-scheme :

  1. Basic Mathematics(BMS) 22103 :

Most students prefer private publication books for basic maths and
science. But believe me, Msbte reference Book is the Best book which you
can also take 100% free of cost. So download the Full book for Msbte
Basic mathematics.

Download Basic

Advantages of using Msbte learning manual:

  • Easy explanation 

  • Important question

  • Questions related to exams 

  • Most of the questions are from this learning manual.

  •  2. Basic Science(BSC) 22102 :

    Also same for Basic maths mainly refer to Basic science learning manuals for

    Download full Learning manual of science.

    Download Basic

    3. English(ENG) 22101 :

    English is essential for communication, so basically in English, mostly use
    workbook Given by Msbte.

    English Workbook

    Grammar Notes: 
    Okay, so I have grammar notes for you all, Which are best for studying, so I had made folders.

    Grammar Notes

    4. Engineering Graphics(EGM) 22003:
    Engineering Graphics Is a subject that is easy and can be fun engineering graphics are the basis of everything.It shows how objects are shown in different dimensions 2d,3d and much more it will be so helpful for you.

    Engineering Graphics