MSBTE Microproject Ideas/topics for Sem-1 I scheme

Microproject Is work done for getting individual output. Microprojects develop various skills such as teamwork, leadership, helping, etc. So below are topics/Ideas for  Microprojects for 1 st semester I scheme Msbte. As we all know syllabus is common and the same for all branches of semester 1 msbte.

22101 English-Microproject

  1. Develop language games, puzzles, crosswords, and activities enhancing word power used in English.

  2. Prepare advertisement for five technical project topics using contextual vocabulary.

  3. After studying standard English newspapers, prepare a booklet identifying various grammatical aspects of sentences.

  4. Prepare a booklet of interviewing any successful person in your locality in context with his life journey, inspiration, social contribution, role model, and keys to success.

  5. Prepare a booklet of the contribution of eminent Indian scientists and develop well-organized paragraphs.

  6. Summarize the contents of famous books. (Fiction or Non-fiction)

  7. Prepare a collage using different idioms with their origins and their contextual usage.

22102 Basic Science-Microproject

  1. Write a report about the pH scale. Take a small sample for daily life calculate is pH scale to distinguish between acid or base.

  2. Write an accurate report on ohm's law.

  3. Create one circuit based on the p-n junction.

  4. Write an accurate report on joule's law.

  5. Write a report on different natural phenomenon give the reasons why it occurs? In which condition that particular phenomenon occurs etc.

  6. Write a report on corrosion.
  7. Develop a report on faraday's law gives its real-life example or applications.

22103 - Basic mathematics-Microproject

  1. Prepare charts using determinants to find the area of regular shapes.

  2. Prepare models using matrices to solve simple problems based on cryptography.

  3. Prepare models using matrices to solve simple mixture problems.

  4. Prepare charts displaying regular solids.

  5. Prepare charts displaying regular closed figures.

  6. Prepare charts for grouped and ungrouped data.