MSBTE Conduction of Summer 2021 Exam | Diploma Engineering


Conduction of Summer 2021 Exam:

MSBTE Said: Educational conditions for all the institutes affiliated to Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education for the academic year 2020-21.

Highlighted Points:

1. the Written examination of students of all sessions/years in All India Council of Technical Education recognized (Engineering and Pharmaceutical) courses will be conducted online at Board level using Multiple Choice Question (MCQ). Students can take this exam using Smart Mobile Phone / Laptop / Tablet / Desktop etc. from where they are currently living. Students need to solve 35 out of 40 questions in this exam. Students will be given a 02-hour slot for this exam. In that slot, students will be given a period of 01 hour after logging in for the exam and starting the actual exam. Online Proctoring (Monitoring) will be done by the supervisors authorized by the Board to ensure that the student does not follow any unfair method during the examination period after starting the Exam. detailed instructions regarding Online Proctoring (Monitoring) and detailed instructions regarding the working of the examination will be given to the students, institutes and divisional offices through separate circulars on official MSBTE website.

2. As Drawing is included in the syllabus of the subjects mentioned in the table below, it is not possible to take the examination of these subjects using MCQ. The examination of these subjects should be conducted online at the institute level through a presentation based on the syllabus. Examiner evaluation based on this presentation as well as oral Q&A.

MSBTE Conduction of Summer 2021 Exam | Diploma Engineering

Examination of Drawing subjects mentioned above will be held at the Institute level. Should be taken between 22nd June to 03rd July 2021.

3. The highlights of the examination are given below.

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