22202 Applied Science notes chapter 1

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 So, as always I am back with another important topic also some notes for the civil and mechanical branch which is22202 Applied Science notes chapter 1 sem 2 Msbte 2 sem 1 year so the download link is down at the bottom so, download it. 

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 22202 Applied Science notes chapter 1 contains properties of matter and various types of useful things need for the study. so download 22202 Applied Science notes chapter 1notes revise and make your own notes and study. 

22202 Applied Science notes chapter 1are been provided by Arjun Kassa.Thanks for such good notes.

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Description-  Applied science is a discipline that is used to apply existing scientific knowledge to develop more practical applications, for example, technology or inventions. In natural science, basic science (or pure science) is used to develop information to explain phenomena in the natural world.