Diploma final year project topics Computer Engineering Group | MSBTE


Diploma final year project topics Computer Engineering Group | MSBTE
In this article, we are going to explore project ideas for Diploma final year (Computer Engineering Group). it is helpful for those students who are studying under the MSBTE Board. If you have any trouble while developing your project we are there for you. Also, we will develop the project for you. 

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Using Python Programming:

  1. Virtual Assistant 
  2. Chatbot
  3. Face Detection
  4. Covid Tracker
  5. Music Recommendation System
  6. Movie Recommendation System based on emotion
  7. Billing Software
  8. Payroll system
  9. Management software
  10. face lock system for Linux Distro. 

Using Java Programming:

  1. Billing Software
  2. Management software
  3. Payroll system
  4. Bus reservation system
  5. Hotel Booking system
  6. e-Healthcare management system
  7. Flight Booking system
  8. Stock Management system


  1. E-commerce site
  2. Portal Website
  3. Online Railway Booking site 
  4. Online Blood Bank Donation site

Using JavaScript:

  1. Chatbot

Embedded system topics:

  1. Smart Car Parking system
  2. Smart City
  3. Robo Hand
  4. Paragraph writing Machine
  5. Biometric Attendance System
  6. Smart House
  7. Virtual Assistant
  8. Automatic Vehicle Speed Controller in Traffic Using RF Signal

Android Development:

  1. Covid Tracker App
  2. Chatbot
  3. Assistant like Siri
  4. PDF Reader
  5. Image to Text Converter 
  6. Speech to Text App
  7. Image to pdf App
  8. Notes App
  9. IDE for Developer
  10. Job App
  11. Quick Share App
  12. Home control App with an embedded system.

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