Need of Android | Mobile Application Development


Need of Android | Mobile Application Development

Need of Android:

1. Android Market:

The android market is the tech-based and fastest-growing market all over the world. We can download almost any software we think for in the android market. The ready or available software to run on our android phone means that our phone will have more functionality and thus making it convenient to use.

2. Customization:

Android offers the pretty best in terms of end-user experience mainly because of the customization. Android is open-source software that means it is freely available to everyone. This creates unbounded customization in terms of color, design, functionality, and general appearance of our devices.

3. Android Community:

Community is one of the major reasons which define the need for an android device is the best decision we will ever make. Almost 70 to 80% of devices are running Android and this reason enough for the need of Android devices. The hudge and large android community provide us help and support to help you get the best out of your device. The limitless forums, blogs, websites, and guides are written by experts will go a long way in boosting your experience as a user.

4. Rooting:

Rooting Android devices makes it possible for us to modify and change system files in the device and thus enabling us to further, customize it for a better experience.

5. Powerful Development Framework:

Android provides almost everything we need to build the best app experiences. Android provides a single application model that lets you deploy your apps broadly to hundreds of millions of users across a wide range of devices - from phones to tablets.

Android also gives us tools for creating apps that look great and take advantage of the hardware capabilities available on each device. It automatically adapts your UI to look its best on each device, while giving you as much control as you want over your UI on different device types.

6. Global Partnerships and Large Installed Base:

Building on the contributions of the open-source Linux community and more than 300 hardware, software, and carrier partners, Android has rapidly become the fastest-growing mobile OS(Operating System). Android's openness has made it a favorite for consumers and developers alike, driving strong growth in app consumption. Android users download more than 1.5 billion apps and games from Google Play each month. With its partners, Android is continuously pushing the boundaries of hardware and software forward to bring new capabilities to users and developers.


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