MSBTE Summer Exam 2020 | University Exam Update (MH)

MSBTE Summer Exam 2020 updates only final year exam will be conducted, others will be promoted, said Uday Samant

More than 16 lakh students from 13 universities in the state(MH) have received great relief and the state government on Friday announced that first and second-year students will be given promotions next year based on their past performance. However, for the remaining eight lakh final year students, the final semester exams will be held in the universities between 1 July to 30 July. This decision will be revised around June 20 considering the prevailing COVID-9 conditions in the state. The announcement was made by Higher and Technical Education Minister Uday Samant after consulting the Chief Minister and the Governor of the state.
     To encourage next year's students, a 50-50% ranking formula will be used, with 50% based on the previous year's students' performance and 50% based on the current year's performance (including internal assessment). First and second-year students who are not satisfied with their grades will be given the opportunity to improve grades later. Students who fail to apply this grading pattern will be promoted next year and given the opportunity to clear all papers in the new term.( Students who fail after applying this grading pattern will also be promoted to the next year and will be given a chance to clear all papers in the new term. Students with ATKTs (allowed to keep term) too will be promoted to next year, but will have to clear papers within 120 days of the new term). 

   Samant Sir said final year students should not be disappointed with the decision. “Our decision to conduct the final year examination was based on the UGC guidelines. But if the lockdown continues and the Covid-19 cases continue to escalate, we will take stock of the situation on June 20, ”Samant said. All undergraduate and graduate courses will be taken for the final semester of the final year only. The same format of marking and examinations will also apply to all autonomous institutions. "For final year exams, universities have to follow social distance criteria, they have to take exams for 50 marks instead of 100 or two hours instead of three," he said. All of these will be worked on. "