Power system operation and Control Sample Question Paper I Scheme MSBTE Electrical Engineering Group

Q.1Attempt any Five of the following.
(10 Marks)

a) List out any two causes of real power imbalance in power system.
b) Suggest type of reactive power compensations equipment for the transmission line of a
power system.
c) Define Load flow studies referred to power system operation.
d) Interpret the data related to transformer for load flow study of a power system.
e) Define Stability and Instability of a power system.
f) Differentiate large disturbance and small disturbance in a power system (any two
g) State the location of Central Load Dispatch Center and its back up center in India.

Q.2Attempt any Three of the following.
(12 Marks)

a) Explain the effect of the variable frequency at the consumer terminal in the power
b) Draw schematic diagram of Automatic voltage control used for an alternator and label
c) List significant features of the Y bus matrix.
d) Identify the significance of Load flow analysis for the power system.

Q.3) Attempt any Three of the following.
(12 Marks)

a) Draw the block diagram of Automatic Generation Control (AGC) for the generating
b) Explain the functioning of any four components of turbo-generator speed governing
c) Restate the static load flow equations for a simple two bus system and define its
d) Prepare the list of adverse effects of instability of power system at consumer

Q.4) Attempt any Three of the following.
(12 Marks)

a) List out the information obtained from Load flow studies.
b) Interpret the Characteristics’ of the SLFE for simple two bus power system.
c) Explain the different stability state condition of the power system
d) Describe any four methods of improving Steady state stability condition for the power
e) Illustrate significance of Load forecasting in power system operation.

Q.5) Attempt any Two of the following.
(12 Marks)

a) Derive the relation between voltage and reactive power flow in the simple two bus power
b) Describe the functioning of the Automatic Load Frequency Control using the block
diagram for the given type of generator.
c) Explain conventional methods of improving Transient State Stability condition for the
given power system.

Q.6) Attempt any Two of the following.
(12 Marks)

a) Explain impact of any six factors on Load shedding in power system operation.
b) Describe the functions of Regional Load Dispatch Centre referred to Indian power system
c) Develop bus-admittance matrix for the power system shown in figure 6-c, with the data
given below.