Management I Scheme Practice Questions MSBTE

The answer is highlighted in bold text
The following Questions carry 1 mark each 

Que 1)-------- means integrating the economy of a country with global / word economy
a) Globalization
b) Privatization
c) Liberalization
d) L-P-G

Que 2) The goals of the enterprise are fulfilled through the use of resources like
a) Man
b) Machine
c) Material
d) All of the above

Que 3) Globalization increases –
a) Employment opportunity
b) Foreign Investment
c) Competition
d) All of the above

Que 4) India adopted LPG Policy in –
a) 1980s
b) 1950s
c) 1990s
d) 1970s

Que 5) Management theories are interpretive and evolve with organisational chang
a) It is scientific
b) It helps decision making
c) a & b
d) None of the above

Que 6)----------- is the function of putting together the different parts of the enterprise into working
a) Planning
b) Management
c) Organization
d) Administration

Que 7) Who is known as “ Father of Scientific Management “
a) Henry Feyol
b) F.W.Taylor
c) Gilberth
d) Juran

Que 8)Esprit De corps refers to –
a) Team Work
b) Planning
c) Co-ordination
d) Authority

Que 9) Planning Means-
a) Thinking before doing
b) Thinking after doing
c) Thinking during doing
d) All of the above

Que 10) Policy making in an industry is a role of –
a) Management
b) Administration
c) Public
d) Workers

Que 11) –---refers to the number of sub ordinates a manager can supervise effectively-
a) scope of supervisor
b) Span of control
c) focus of supervisor
d) None of the above.

Que 12) Reliance Industries Ltd. Is a form of –
a) Single Ownership
b) Partnership
c) Private ltd.
d) Joint Stock Company

Que 13) In --------- type of organization the sub ordinates receive orders from their immediate
a) Line organization
b) Line and staff organization
c) Functional organization
d) Product organization

Que 14) Amul Dairy industries refers to which of the following company type-
a) Private limited company
b) Ownership company
c) Partnership company
d) Co-operative company

Que 15) Collapse of crane is a cause of accident. Under which type of accidents does it
a) Mechanical causes of an Accident
b) Natural Cause of an accident
c) Human error
d) All the above

Que 16) Workman’s compensation act for workers came in to existence in year –
a) 1950
b) 1992
c) 1986
d) None of the above

Que 17) Indentify the important wale fare provisions in an industry
a) Canteen
b) Crèches
c) Lunch room
d) All of the above

Que 18) Age, Health, Fatigue and anxiety are the factors refers to-
a) Environmental causes of accidents
b) Personal causes of accidents
c) Mechanical causes of accidents
d) All of the above

Que 19) Capital invested in Land and machinery is termed as –
a) Floating capital
b) Fixed Capital
c) Sinking Capital
d) Working Capital

Que 20) Income tax and Property Tax falls under –
a) Indirect Tax
b) Service Tax
c) Direct Tax
d) All of the above

Que 21) Which of the following comes under the title of “sources of fixed capital”
a) Shares or Equities
b) Preference shares and Deferred shares
c) Public deposits and Debentures
d) All of the above.

Que 22) Major sources of for obtaining working capital are the commercial banks. They
provide finance in the form of:
a) Loans and credit facilities
b) Overdrafts and mortgages
c) Bills of exchange and public loans
d) All of the above

Que 23) A technique for determining the quantity and timing of dependent demand items -
a) EOQ
b) ABC analysis
c) MRP
d) BOM

Que 24)The input to MRP –
a) Master production schedule
b) Inventory record file
c)Bill of materials
d) All of the above

Que 25) Which of the following process includes the activities of planning, scheduling and
controlling material.
a) Material Management
b) Resource Management
c) Resource Planning
d) ERP

Que 26) ---------- is a cushion between supply and demand
a) Material Management
b) Inventory Management
c) Sales and Purchases
d) None of the above

Que 27)------------- is based on a very universal Pareto's Principal that a few high usages
value items constitutes a major part of the capital invested in inventories,
whereas bulk of items in inventory, having low usage value constitute
insignificance part of the capital.
a) EOQ
b) ABC Analysis
c) a and b both
d) None of the above

Que 28) Identify important constituents of Total Quality Management from Following -
i) Orderliness and Cleanliness
ii) Punctuality and Continuous efforts
iii) Customers' Service
iv) Standardization of work
a) only i
b) only i and ii
c)only s
d) i, ii, iii, and iv

Que 29) Quality is the responsibility of --
a) all those in concern with the product including end-user
b) all those who are working in the organization
c) all those who are managers
d) all those who are supervisors

Que 30) Kaizen is a Japanese technique. Kaizen word is formed from two characters KAI
and ZEN in which -
a) KAI means change & ZEN means good
b) KAI means good & ZEN means change
c) KAI means good & ZEN means GURU
d) none of the above

2 Marks Questions 

Que 31) Which of the for above

the following pair is true
management triangle
a)Top Level –Strategic Decision – Chief Executive Officer
b)Middle Level –Tactical Decisions– Manager
c)Lower Level – Operational decisions – Foreman
d)All of the above

Que 32)Following are the kinds of partners-
a) Active partner and Sleeping Partner
b) Owner and Distrubuter
c)Global Partner and Media Partner
d)Permanent Partner and Temperory Partner

Que 33) The type of organisation shown below belongs to which type of organisation
structure –
a) Line Organistion
b) Line and staff organization
c) Functional Organisation

4) None of the above

Que 34) Mr. Ramesh is working in ABC Electronics ltd in the capacity of Foreman. One
Day while working in the organization he met with an accident in which he has to lose
his right forehand . ABC Electronics is paying him fifty percent of his monthly wages
in multiplication with relevant factor. Under which act he is eligible for the said
a) Indian Factory Act
b)Workman’s Compensation Actc)Minimum wages Act
d)Safety provisions Act

Que 35) Suggest the appropriate type of shares in the blank space provided in following

a) Cumulative ,Non Cumulative
b) Cumulative , Ordinary
c) Non Cumulative , Ordinary
d) Ordinary , Debentures

Que 36) Name the type of following budget
a) Master Budget
b) Sales Budget
c) a and b both
d) None of the above
Nov Dec

Que 37) Arrange the activities of purchasing procedure in the sequential form
i) receipt of quotation
ii) selection of right source of supply
iii) receipt of purchase requisition
iv) making comparative statement
a) i, iii, iv, ii
b) iii, i, iv, ii
c) iv, ii, i, iii
d) i ,iv, iii, ii

Que 38) ABC Auto ltd is a leading automobile company , manufacturing various range of
automobiles. The company regularly requires large quantity material particularly raw
materials and other essential accessories so that the requirement of the material is
ascertained and the job of supplying is entrusted to a firm by calling quotations .Mr.
M. Subrmaniyam is an sincere and workaholic person who is recently elevated from
Assistant Manager ( R & D) to Manager (Purchases). Company expects that he should
set up a structured purchase procedure for such kind of purchases . Suggest which
type of purchase procedure does Mr. M. Subrmaniyam should adopt so as to satisfy
company's objective of structured purchasing.
a) Market purchasing Total Units
b) Rate Contract purchasing
c)Global purchasing
d)Centralised purchasing

Que 39) Which of the following are two main elements of quality
i) Quality of design
ii) Quality of performance
iii) Quality of products
iv) Quality circle
a) i and ii
b) i and iii
c) ii and iii
d) ii and iv

Que 40) Match the following- select the proper option
l) ISO 9000-2000
i) Quality management system guidelines
m) ISO 9001-2000
ii) Quality management system vocabulary
n) ISO9004-2000
iii) Quality management system requirements

a) l-i. M-iii, n-ii
b) l-ii,m-iii, n-i
c) l-iii. M-i, n-ii
d) l-i. M-ii, n-iii