Earthquake Resistant Buildings (ERB) Sample Question Paper I Scheme MSBTE Civil Engineering Group

Marks Carried by Q1: 10 Marks
Others 12 Marks

Q 1. Attempt any FIVE

a) Define focus and epicenter.
b) State any two types of seismic waves.
c) Define seismic mass and seismic weight.
d) List any four types of earthquakes with respect to magnitudes.
e) Define center of mass and center of stiffness.
f) State any two causes of damages in brick masonry due to earthquake.
g) State any two characteristics of post-earthquake handling techniques of buildings.

Q 2. Attempt any THREE

a) Differentiate between magnitude and intensity of earthquake with minimum four points.
b) Identify any four measures to enhance earthquake resistance of a given
c) Explain any four effects of tsunami.
d) Explain any four tectonic plates with the help of sketches.

1Q 3. Attempt any THREE

a) Explain the step by step procedure for calculating design seismic base shear.
b) Illustrate any two failure patterns in brick masonry and explain any one.
c) State any four provisions of IS:1893 regarding earthquake resistant structures.
d) Compare Koyna and Killari earthquakes with any two characteristics for each.

Q 4. Attempt any THREE

a) State any four principles for design of earthquake resistant building.
b) State any four assumptions in design of earthquake resistant structures.
c) Draw typical sketches of column and beam provided with ductile detailing.
d) Suggest action plan required to handle the probable earthquake in Nagpur area with minimum
four points.
e) List any four provisions for ductile detailing as per IS:13920.

Q 5. Attempt any TWO

a) Identify any six effects of earthquake.
b) Identify any three probable characteristics of ground shaking and ground failures when
Earthquake magnitude is 6 on Richter’s scale.
c) Suggest any six criterions to be considered in selecting site for earthquake resistant buildings
against stability of slopes .

Q 6. Attempt any TWO

a) Identify any six probable damages to RCC buildings due to earthquake.
b) Draw sketches of any three damages in stone masonry structures due to earthquake.
c) Suggest any six precautions to be taken with respect to design and construction in the