Contracts and Accounts (CAA) Sample Question Paper I Scheme MSBTE Civil Engineering Group

Q.1 Attempt any FIVE of the following.

a. Define contract and list four requirements of valid contract.
b. State four conditions under which the contract is terminated.
c. Define Built Operate and Transfer contract and state examples of it.
d. State the necessity of corrigendum to tender notice.
e. Define the terms i) Bill ii) Voucher
f. Differentiate between cost and price in case of building.
g. Define valuation and state two necessities of it.

Q.2 Attempt any THREE of the following.

a. Draw organizational structure of PWD. State two functions each of any one personnel
in the structure
b. Explain the terms i) Administrative Approval ii) Technical sanction .iii) Budget
provision iv) Expenditure sanction
c. Explain the procedure of initiating the government work by PWD.
d. List out four types of engineering contract. Explain negotiated contract in detail.

Q.3) Attempt any THREE of the following.

a. Enlist the classes of contractors on the basis of financial limits in PWD.
b. Justify the importance of BOT contract on the basis of objective and advantages.
c. Explain the procedure of arbitration used in resolving the disputes between contractor
and user. State two advantages of it.
d. Explain the situations when lowest tender is neglected.

Q.4) Attempt any THREE of the following.

a. Differentiate between secured advance and advance payment on the basis of definition
and mode of payment.
b. Define indent and invoice. Rule out the Form no.7 of indent and invoice.
c. Prepare NMR-Part- per the details given below .The NMR is maintained from
Monday 22 nd July 2019 to Sunday 28 th July 2019. Weekly off is on Wednesday
  i)Gajanan Shivaji (mason) Rs. 600 per day Absent on 25 th A.N.
  ii)Kasim Iqbal(mason) Rs. 600 per day Absent on 25th B.N.
  iii)Seetabai Morape (Female labour) Rs.400 per day present all days
  iv)Dagdu Vithoba (male labour) Rs. 400 per day Absent on 26 th
  v) Vilas Bapurao (male labour) Rs.400 per day present all days
d. Describe the points to be observed while drafting specification of an item
e. Mention the types of specification. Explain manufacturers specification

Q.5) Attempt any TWO of the following.

a. Draft a tender notice for construction of Girls hostel building at your polytechnic
costing Rs.1.2 crores, Assume suitable information if required.
b. Explain six necessities of valuation.
c. Differentiate between Depreciation and Obsolescence on the basis of definition,
recovery of amount and methods of calculation.

Q.6) Attempt any TWO of the following.

a. Explain the detailed procedure of submission of tender along with the documents. .
b. Draft the detailed specification for R.C.C. slab in C.C.1:1.5:3.
c. A person purchases a plot measuring 150sqm at the rate of Rs. 3000/sqm. He
constructs a building having builtup area 70sq.m.. The cost of construction is Rs.
6500/sq.m. He desires to have net income of 12% on building cost and 8% on cost of
plot. Assume outgoings as 30% of gross rent , Rs.1200 per year as sinking fund
installment, Rs.500per year as repairs and maintainance. Calculate the suitable rent per
month for a residential bunglow.