Building Services (BSE) Sample Question Paper I Scheme MSBTE Civil Engineering Group

Marks Carried by Q1: 10 Marks
Others 12 Marks

Q.1 Attempt FIVE of the following.

a) State the two functional requirements of building management services.
b) List four types of building services.
c) Write two necessities of ramp.
d) Define escalators.
e) State two fire protection requirements for multistoried building.
f) Define smart building.
g) State working principles of various fire protection system.

Q.2 Attempt THREE of the following.

a) Explain two component parts of lift.
b) Explain working of fire hydrant.
c) Explain two different types of traps with sketch.
d) State the provisions for evacuation in case of fire emergency.

Q.3 Attempt THREE of the following.

a) Explain two plumbing fixtures with neat sketch.
b) Explain four factors affecting Rain Water Harvesting potential.
c) Explain two component parts of Solar Water Heating System.
d) State four applications of Rain Water Harvesting.

Q.4 Attempt THREE of the following.

a) List four factors affecting selection of artificial lighting.
b) Explain the significance of providing air conditioning system for building.
c) Explain the property with suitability of two materials used for acoustic treatment.
d) Explain two systems of Solar Water Heating.
e) List two types of ventilation and its purpose.

Q.5 Attempt TWO of the following.

a) State any three design considerations required for lifts and escalators each.
b) Specify the provisions made for fire safety in National Building Code.
c) Explain with sketch the gradient for ramp required for physically handicapped and
elderly persons.

Q.6 Attempt TWO of the following.

a) Differentiate between one pipe system and two pipe system under the following points
   i) No. of pipes ii) Suitability iii) Economy iv) Efficiency v) Line sketch.
b) Draw a typical sketch of Rain Water Harvesting system for residential building.
c) Recommend the suitability of following valves.
  i) Gate Valve ii) Non- return Valve iii) Scour Valve iv) Relief Valve.