Maintenance and Repairs of Structures (MRS) Sample Question Paper I Scheme MSBTE Civil Engineering Group

Marks Carried by Q1: 10 Marks
Others 12 Marks

Q. 1 Attempt Five of the following.

a) State any four objectives of building maintenance.
b) Define the terms- retrofitting and restoration.
c) State any four sources of damages in the buildings.
d) Name the two materials available in market of each case for repairing the mortar and
concrete surface protection.
e) List any four causes of crack formation in wall
f) Write any four techniques used to reduce the rate of damping in building
g) State any four points due to which structural audit is necessary.

Q. 2 Attempt Three of the following.

a) State any four advantages and four limitations of maintenance and repairs.
b) Explain in brief any four factors influencing periodical maintenance.
c) Describe in brief any four importance of visual observations for damage
d) Write step by step procedure of half-cell potentiometer test with neat sketch.

Q. 3 Attempt Three of the following.

a) Suggest one relevant test of each to be carried out for determination of strength and
voids of structure. Also, explain procedural steps of any one of two.
b) Write any two important characteristics of each of the following bonding aids.
i) Epoxy resins
ii) Poly resins
iii) Polyvinyl acetate
iv) Vinyl acetate co polymer.
c) Suggest any two materials necessary to repair the followings.
i) Dampness of RCC roof slab.
ii) Dampness in the exterior brick wall
iii) repair of 0.4 mm wide crack for total depth of a RCC slab
iv) Concrete surface protection.
d) Suggest an appropriate use of the following materials for repair
i) Plastic nipple ii) Zinc rich epoxy iii) Polyester putty iv) Sealant v) Low viscosity
polyester resin vi) Epoxy resin mortar vii) Rebar primer viii) Oleo resinous mastics.

Q. 4 Attempt Three of the following.

a) Describe the step by step procedure of ultrasonic pulse velocity test to be performed
on the surface of RC elements.
b) Explain in brief four stages of repair work in general.
c) Illustrate the steps involved while performing structural audit.
d) Explain any four factors influencing the selection of material for repairs.
e) Enlist eight locations of occurring probable cracks in the building.

Q. 5 Attempt Two of the following.

a) In renovation of a residential building, a RCC slab is to be casted to cover an opening
surrounded by beams. Apply the step by step procedure of joining the new slab with
surrounding beams.
b) Write the step by step procedure for the following repair methods
i) Gunitting ii) Jacketing.
c) Explain in short the four stages to be carried out while repairing the process of
corroded RCC elements.

Q. 6 Attempt Two of the following.

a) A brick wall has developed diagonal and other vertical crack then illustrate the suitable
repair method using mild steel U- shaped dowel bars along with sketch.
b) Prepare the format involve any eight information data of building for structural audit.
c) Prepare the format include eight items with respect to structural audit for complain
reported by user of a building.