Electrical Estimation & Contracting (EEC) Sample Question Paper I Scheme MSBTE Electrical Engineering Group

Q.1 Attempt any Five of the following.
(10 Marks)

a) Draw the symbol for i. Isolator ii. Lightning Arrester.
b) State any four I.E rules for electrical installation.
c) Compare industrial and residential electrical installation. (Any 2 points)
d) Write any two factors for selection of LT (415V) power cables.
e) Write the recommended illumination level for i. Parking area ii. National Highway.
f) Explain Supplementary estimate.
g) Define tender and state its types.

Q.2 Attempt any Three of the following.
(12 Marks)

a) Draw the wiring diagram and single line diagram for control of two lamps and one fan
by individual switches.
b) A newly constructed residential unit is having following load.
 (i) 8 Lamps of 40W
 (ii) 4 ceiling fan of 65W
 (iii) 4 Sockets of 6 Amp having 100 watt.
 (iv) 2 Sockets of 16 Amp having 2 KW.
Calculate: i. Total lighting load
                 ii. Total power load
                 iii. Size of distribution board
                 iv. Number of sub-circuit.
c) Describe the procedure to prepare a design for commercial electrical installation.
d) Explain how rating of main switch, motor switch, DB and cable is decided in
Industrial Installation.

Q.3) Attempt any Three of the following.
(12 Marks)

a) State the methods of opening of tender and explain any one method.
b) List the materials required for overhead service connection (Any Eight).
c) Draw wiring diagram and single line diagram of 3phase, 415V, 5HP Induction
motor installation.
d) State any eight electrical equipment required in 11 kV HT substation.

Q.4) Attempt any Three of the following.
(12 Marks)

a) Draw wiring diagram for the residential load shown in Fig. No. 1.
b) Prepare schedule of material for Industrial load as shown in Figure No. 2.
c) State the different methods of cable termination for LT (415V) line and explain any
one method.
d) Draw the single line diagram of LT (415V) substation.
e) State the factors to be consider to design street light installation.

Q.5) Attempt any Two of the following.
(12 Marks)

a) Design electrical installation scheme (layout and wiring diagram) of small industrial
unit having 3 phase load of 30kW flour mill. Also, prepare the list of materials
b) Draw the layout and estimate LT (415V) underground service connection for 10 hp
flour mill.
c) Prepare the list of materials and devices required for public lighting installation.

Q.6) Attempt any Two of the following.
12 Marks

a) Prepare tender notice and quotation for electrical installation of four 2 BHK residential
b) i. Enlist different on-off control equipment used in street light installation .
ii. Write the aim of public lighting installation.
c) An Auditorium whose dimensions are 15m × 8m is to be fitted with an electric
           Estimate the quantity of material.
           Assume the height of ceiling to be 3m. The wiring is running at a height of
           1.5m from the floor.
           The load in the hall is 12 fluorescent lamps (36 W each), 6 fans (80 W each)
            and 8 (5 Amp) Sockets and 2 (15 Amp) Socket outlets.