Web Based Application development with PHP Sample Question paper I Scheme MSBTE

Q.1) Attempt anyFIVEof the following.

a) List any four advantages of PHP?
b) State the use of str_word_count along with its syntax.
c) Define serialization.
d) Write the syntax for creating Cookie.
e) Write syntax of Connecting PHP Webpage with MySQL`
f) Define GET and POST methods.
g) State the use of “$” sign in PHP.

Q.2) Attempt any THREE of the following.

a) Write a program using foreach loop.
b) Explain Indexed and Associative arrays with suitable example.
c) Define Introspection and explain it with suitable example.
d) Differentiate between Session and Cookies.

Q.3) Attempt any THREE of the following.

a) Differentiate between implode and explode functions.
b) Write a program for cloning of an object.
c) Define session and explain how it works.
d) Write Update and Delete operations on table data.

Q.4) Attempt any THREE of the following.

a) State the variable function.Explain it with example.
b) Explain the concept of Serialization with example.
c) Answer the following:
i) Get session variables ii) Destroy session (12 Marks)
d) ExplainInserting and Retrieving the query result operations.
e) Create a web page using GUI components.

Q.5) Attempt any TWO of the following.

a) Explain any three data types used in PHP.
b) Write a program to connect PHP with MySQL.
c) Explain the concept of overriding in detail.

Q.6) Attempt any TWO of the following.

a) Explain web page validation with example.
b) Write a program to create PDF document in PHP.
c) Elaborate the following:
i) __call()
ii) mysqli_connect()


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