Mobile Application Development Sample Question paper I Scheme MSBTE

Q.1) Attempt any FIVE of the following.
(10 Marks)

a) List features of the Android Operating System.
b) Define Android Virtual Devices (AVD).
c) Write the directory path where images are stored while developing Android
d) List all attributes to develop a simple button.
e) Write the syntax for Intent-Filter tag.
f) Define services in Android operating system.
g) Enlist the steps to publish the Android application.

Q.2) Attempt any THREE of the following.
(12 Marks)

a) Describe the Anroid architecture in detail.
b) Differentiate between JVM and DVM.
c) Explain the activity life cycle.
d) Discuss the need of permissions in Android. Describe the permissions to set system
functionalities like bluetooth,camera.

Q.3) Attempt any THREE of the following.

a) Explore the Steps to install and configure Android Studio and SDK .
b) Explain Date and Time picker with its methods.
c) Describe the significance of SQLite database in Anroid.
d) Discuss Developer console with its purpose.

Q.4) Attempt any THREE of the following.
(12 Marks)

a) Observe the following GUI and write an XML file using relative layout to create the

  1. Write a program to display a circular progress bar.
  2. List sensors in Android and explain anyone in detail.
  3. Explain zoom control (IN / OUT) with the help of an example.
  4. Develop an application to send and receive SMS. (Write ONLY .java and permission
  5. tag in the manifest file)

Q.5) Attempt any TWO of the following.
(12 Marks)

a) Develop the registration form using the following GUI.
b) Write a program to capture an image using camera and display it.
c) Develop a program to send an email.

Q.6) Attempt any TWO of the following.
(12 Marks)

a) Develop an application to store student details like roll no, name, branch,
marks,percentage and retrieve student information using roll no. in SQLite databases.
b) Write a program to locate user’s current location. (Write ONLY .java and manifest
c) Develop a simple calculator using table layout.