Sample Question Bank Environmental Studies Computer Branch 5th Semester MSBTE PDF

1.  Political decision are made with respect to political jurisdictions; environmental problems i) often transcend these jurisdictions  ii) respect political boundaries  iii) often have little to do with regional economic decisions  iv) none of the above.

2.  Which of the following follow the concept of sustainable development?

(1)  Fishing the mature fish instead of the young fish.
(2)  Using wing power instead of burning coal to generate electricity.
(3)  The prohibition of trading endangered species.

i) (1) and (2) only ii) (1) and (3) only iii) (2) and (3) only
iv) (1), (2) and (3)

3. World Environment Day is celebrated on:

i) 5th June ii) 1st July  iii) 1st December 
iv) 15th September

4. He is known for his “Chipko Movement”

i)  AtalBehari
ii)  Kuldeepsingh 
iii) SunderlalBahuguna
iv) M. C. Mehta

5. The death of the last individual of a species is called_______.

i) extinction ii) endanger iii) neitheri) nor ii)
iv) diversity

6. Among the given options, which one is not correct for the use of large amount of fertilisers and pesticides ?

i) They are eco-friendly ii) They turn the fields barren after some time
iii) They adversely affect the useful component from the soil iv) They destroy the soil fertility

7. Which is not true?

i) Lithosphere includes the crust and the uppermost mantle ii) Lithosphere is underlain by the asthenosphere iii) Lithosphere provides timber 
iv) lithosphere is broken into tectonic plates

8. Demand for a resource does not change with the change in____

i) idea ii) need iii) technology
iv) economy

9. Which of the following is a renewable resource?

i) salmon population that is farm raised  ii) sulfur
 iii) light sweet crude oil shipped from Saudi Arabia  iv) iron ore that is commercially mined

10. Fertile soil is always a renewable resource.

i)    True
ii)  False


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