Microprocessor important Questions I scheme MSBTE Computer Group

Important questions (Board point of view):

Explain NEAR CALL and FAR CALL procedure.

Differentiate between Near and Far Calls (four points)

Draw the pin diagram of 8086.

Explain pipelining in 8086 microprocessor. How is queuing useful in speeding up the operation of 8086 microprocessor. 

What is the size of instruction prefetch queue in 8086 microprocessor ?

Draw architecture of 8086 and label it. Write the functions of BIU and ELI.
List salient features of microprocessor SOSS (any eight)

List & explain the functions of all general purpose registers of 8085 microprocessor.

Draw the neat labelled functional block diagram of 8085.

List all 16 bit registers in 8086 and write their functions.

Draw the flag register format of microprocessor 8086 and explain any two flags.

Describe memory segmentation in 8086 microprocessor and list its four advantages.

Describe how a 20 bit physical address is generated in 8086 microprocessor. Give one example.

Calculate the physical address in the following cases:
  • CS: 1200 H, 11': DEOOH
  • DS: IFOO, B,x: IAOO for MOV AX, [BXI

Compare the following instructions (2 points)
  • AND and TEST
  • AAA and DAA

State the functions for the following pins of 8086.
i) TEST 
ii) BHE 
iii) INTA
iv) DTI R 
v) NMI vi) DEN 
vii) MN/MX 
ix) M / 10 
x) HOLD 
xi) HI-DA

Explain the demultiplexing of address and data bus ustng a neat labelled diagram. 

Compare maximum mode and minimum mode configurations of 8086 (any four points)

Compare microprocessors 8085 and 8086 (any four points)

Describe various addressing modes used in SOS6 instructions with example.

Identify the addressing modes used in the following instructions:
i) MOV DS, AX 
ii) MOV AX, [4172 HI 
iii) ADD AX, [Sil
 iv) ADD AX, [Sil [BXI [04 H]

What is a MACRO? Define a MACRO with an example.

Describe reentrant procedure with the help of schematic diagram.

Differentiate between re-enterant and recurssive procedures. (two points)

What do you mean by recursive procedure ? Write an assembly language 
program using recursive procedure to find factorial of a number.

Write on ALP to transfer block to 10 numbers from one location to another location.

Write an ALP to check a number to be odd or even.

Draw and describe the maximum mode diagram of 8086.

Write an assembly language programme for 8086 to find largest number among block of data. Assume block size = 15.

State functions of following assembly language programming tool.
(i) Assembler (ii) Linker (iii) Editor
(iv) Debugger

Write an ALP for 8086 to sort the array in ascending order.

Write ALP to concatenate two strings with algorithm
String 1 : "Maharashtra board"
String 2 : *'of technical Education"

Describe following assembler directives:
(i)      DB
(ii)    ASSUME

State all the control signals generated by SO, Sl, S2 with their functions.

Draw the interfacing of 8284 clock generator with 8086 microprocessor.

List & explain any four string operation instructions with their functions & syntax.

Write an assembly language program to find smallest number from array of 5 elements.

Write an assembly language program to find the length of a string using 8086.

Write an assembly language program to add two BCD numbers using 8086.

Write an assembly language program to add the series of 5 numbers.

Name the different types of jump instructions used in 8086 assembly language program. (any eight)

State the steps involved in program development.

Write the program structure for writing program in assembly language with a suitable comments.

Write an ALP to count the number of I ' in a number stored In accumulator