22520 --Sample-question-paper- Advanced Computer Network I Scheme 5th Semester Computer MSBTE Sample Paper

Scheme – I  

Sample Question Paper

Program Name          : Diploma in Computer Engineering Group 
Program Code                               : CO / CM/ IF / CW
Semester                     : Fifth
Course Title               : Advanced Computer Network

Marks                         : 70                                                                               Time: 3 Hrs.

Q.1) Attempt any FIVE of the following.                                                        10 Marks
a)    Draw and label sketch of IPv6 packet format.
b)   State the importance of IPv6 over IPv4? 
c)    Distinguish between SMTP and POP3 protocols.
d)   State the use of  six flags in TCP header.
e)    Explain the concept of connection oriented service.
f)    Stateb the use of SSH.
g)   State the concept of fragmentation in IPv4?

Q.2) Attempt any THREE of the following.                                                   12 Marks
a)    Describe flow control under SCTP. 
b)   Explain ICMP protocol? Describe the  header format of ICMP
c)    Describe SMTP with suitable diagram.
d)   For the block of IPv4 addresses given below build Subnet Mask, Broadcast Address and Number of Hosts possible.  i.  ii.

Q.3) Attempt any THREE of the following.                                                    12 Marks
a)    Describe the path vector routing algorithm.
b)   Distinguish between RIP and OSPF routing protocol.
c)    Describe the Architecture of E-mail system using four scenario.
d)   Use Bellman-Fort algorithm to find the shortest distance for all nodes in the graph. 

Q.4) Attempt any THREE of the following.                                                      12 Marks
a)    Construct a diagram to show the application of cookies in a scenario in which the      server uses  cookies for advertisement.
b)   List Intra domain multicast protocols? Explain any one in detail.
c)    Describe the HTTP Response Message format.        
d)   Compare TCP and UDP with any four points.
e)    Explain the working of TELNET

Q.5) Attempt any TWO of the following.                                                       12 Marks
a)    Explain association establishment process in SCTP.
b)   State the need for:
1)   sequence control 
2)   error control 
3)   flow control. 
              Under  Transport Layer
c) Explain the process of Transition from IPV4 to IPV6 for a network

Q.6) Attempt any TWO of the following.                                                        12 Marks
a)  With a suitable example explain Distance Vector Routing algorithm. What are the serious drawbacks of Distance Vector Routing algorithm?
b) For the IP Addresses given below: 
1)  Identify the classes to which the following IP numbers belong to
2)  Identify network Address section
3)  Identify Host Address section 
4)  Calculate number of hosts that can be assigned with each network i.    ii.  iii.     iv.   
c) Describe Email Security over non- secure channel.