22516 --Sample-question-paper-- Operating System I Scheme 5th Semester Computer MSBTE Sample Paper

Scheme - I

Sample Question Paper 

Program Name
: Diploma in Engineeering Group
Program Code
: CO / CM / CW / IF
Course Title   

: Fifth                                                                      22516 
: Operating System   
: 70                                                                                Time: 3 hr

Q.1) Attempt any FIVE of the following.                                                              10 Marks

a)     Differentiate between Batch Operating System and Time shared Operating System.    
(any two points)
b)     State any four services of Operating System.
c)     Define : Process , Program
d)     State two features  of preemptive scheduling.
e)     Defione following terms
i) Page fault ii) Segmentation 
f)      Write syntax of ps command and explain its use with the help of suitable example. g) List any four file attributes.

Q.2) Attempt any THREE of the following.                                                          12 Marks

a)     Explain dual modes of operations of an Operating system.
b)     Describe essential activities done by an Operating System for protection and sharing.
c)     State what is interprocess communication and explain its advantages..
d)     Discribe different scheduling criteria.

Q.3) Attempt any THREE of the following.                                                          12 Marks

a)     Define PCB. List information contained in PCB and explain any two .
b)     Define  deadlock and state the  necessary conditions for deadlock..
c)     Explain following terms with respect to Memory management : 
I.         Compaction II.             Swapping.
d)     Enlist different file allocation methods and explain any two.

Q.4) Attempt any THREE of the following.                                                            12 Marks

a)     Compare between Windows and LINUX Operating System.(any four points)
b)     Write  any four system calls related to device management.
c)     Compare between short term and long term scheduler.(any four points)
d)     Compare FCFS and SJF Scheduling algorithm with any four points.
e)     Describe contiguous memory allocation done by Operating System with he help of suitable example.

Q.5) Attempt any TWO of the following.                                                             12 Marks

a)     Write two uses of following Operating System tools :
i.                Performance Monitor
ii.              Task scheduler
iii.           User Management
b)     Write the output of the following commands.
a.      Kill 9042018
b.     Ps  07121975
c.      Sleep 05
c)     Given a page reference reference string(arrival) with four page frames, calculate the page faults with FIFO and LRU page replacement algorithms respectively :
 12, 3, 4, 5, 1, 2, 5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1,6,7,8,7,8,9,7,8,9,5,4,4,5,4,2.

Q.6) Attempt any TWO of the following.                                                          12 Marks

a)     Solve given problem by Using FCFS to calculate average waiting time and turnaround time.
Arrival time
Burst time
b)     Compare between bitmap and linked list free space management techniques.(any six points)
c)     Construct and explain directory structure of a file system in terms of single level, two level and tree structure.