PUBG banned again ? In India

The PUBG Battleground  is a tough time globally. Recently, it was banned in different states of India and now Jordon has also joined this list. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has announced that it has decided to ban PUBG. In India, many state governments termed this game as 'addictive', 'harmful' and 'distracting'.

Being a violent sport, the controversy associated with PUBG is no surprise. In India, PUBG is associated with violent behavior and lower academic grade of students. According to Indian officials, Battle Royale game changes people's behavior over a period of time. Recently in China, PUBG was banned and a new government-approved game, Game for Peace, was introduced.

Jordan's Telecom Regulatory Commission (TRC) said in a statement that it has received "many comments and complaints about the negative impact of the game by a large number of citizens and some related officials."

However, PUBG is not the only one. TRC Director Beneficiary Case Mohammed Alawaktiq Shakir claimed that FortNight is another game which is expected to be banned.

However, all this talk about banning PUBG is not without actual concerns. Some educational institutions have claimed to have a direct connection between violent sports, PUBG and mental health of children. Even the Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) issued an advisory against sports like PUBG and said that it has harmful, negative and adverse effects on the children's brain.

PUBG, in order to secure the game, has decided to implement the digital lock under the age of 13 for its users. The digital lock system will shut down players who are under 13 years of age and have to ask their parents or parents to open games for them.