How to Activate Windows 7/8/10 2019 in just 2 minute

About Microsoft Windows:

Microsoft Windows is a group of many graphical operating systems families, all of which are developed, marketed and sold by Microsoft. Each family caters to a certain area of ​​the computing industry. Active Microsoft Windows families include Windows NT and Windows IoT; These may include sub-species, e.g. Windows Server or Windows Embedded Compact (Windows CE). Distracted Microsoft Windows families include Windows 9x, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone.

Microsoft introduced an operating environment named Windows on November 20, 1985, in response to the growing interest in graphical user interfaces (GUIs) in the form of a graphical operating system shell for MS-DOS. [3] Microsoft Windows dominates the world's personal computer (PC) market with over 90% market share, which was introduced in 1984, beat Mac OS. Apple saw Windows as being applied to products such as Lisa and McTintosh (eventually settled in court in favor of Microsoft in 1993) as an inappropriate encroachment in GUI development. On PC, Windows is still the most popular operating system. However, in 2014, Microsoft lost the majority of the overall operating system market for Android, due to the massive increase in the sales of Android smartphones, [4]. In 2014, the number of Windows devices sold was less than 25% of Android devices sales. This comparison can not be completely relevant, because the two operating systems traditionally target different platforms. Even so, the numbers for Windows server use (which are comparable to competitors) show a third market share, for end users to use.

By October 2018, Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows for PCs, tablets, smartphones and embedded devices. The most recent version for server computers is Windows Server, version 1903. [5] A special edition of Xbox also runs on Xbox One video game console. [6]

How to Activate Windows 7/8/10

Step 1: By Official key of Windows, but its too costly I think Windows 10 key is about 10,000 to 15,000 in India 

Step 2: In the internate world there are too many platforms they can give you a key in less price around 500 to 5000 but it is a totally unethical way 

Step 3: This technique is free of cost but here Windows security is less as Compare to official activation of Windows, Here You can Activate your Windows or Office using KMS Auto tool