NDL India: FAQ [Website] - National Digital Library

India's National Digital Library (NDLI) is a project under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, India. Its aim is to integrate many national and international digital libraries into a single web portal. NDLI offers free access to many books in English and Indian languages.


  • Educational materials are available for users ranging from primary to postgraduate level.
  • NDL has been designed to benefit all types of students (of all levels), teachers, researchers, librarians, library users, professionals, differently followed users and all other lifelong learners.
  • Information can be personalized on the basis of education level, language choice, difficulty level, media of content and such other factors. It is like 'Service Customized Service' provided in a 24x7 integrated environment in such a way where the learners can find the right resources at least in the shortest possible time and at the minimum time.
  • The repository hosts content from many subject domains like Technology, Science, Humanities, Agriculture and others.
  • Over 60 types of teaching resources are available - books, articles, manuscripts, video lectures, thesis, etc.
  • Items are available in more than 70 languages.
  • The repository integrates content from various Indian institutional repositories