What is namespaces?/List namespaces in VB.NET?

What is namespaces?

We can say that a namespace is designed to provide a path Keep a set of names separate from the other. There is no class name declared in a namespace Conflicts declared in the second with names of the same class In simple terms, the name space concept is similar Folder and file concept. For example, we can create two
Files in two different folders, on the same name. We can do it Create two squares on the same name but in two different namespace

Namespace arranges the objects defined in an assembly. There can be several namespaces in the assembly, in which the other namespace can be. When using large groups of objects like classroom libraries, namespace stops ambiguity and simplifies context.

For eg:
 .NET Framework defines the ListBox class in the System.Windows.Forms namespace.
The following code snippet shows how to declare a variable using the fully qualified name for this class: