Sample Questions APPLIED SCIENCE (22202) (22211)

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Sample Questions APPLIED SCIENCE (22202)
(For Term End Online Examination, there will be 25 (15 x 1Mark questions +
10 x 2Marks questions = 35 Marks) questions each on Physics and Chemistry.)

Topic 1

1)  Question: - After testing the material using destructive technique, the material __________
Option A: - can be used for intended purpose                                     Option B: - can be used for intended purpose after some correction

Option C: - cannot be used for intended purpose               Option D: - none of above

2)  Question: - At which point of the iceberg, (a, b, or c) is the water pressure the greatest?

Option A: - a                                                                       Option B: - b
Option C: - c                                                                        Option D: - water pressure is same at all points a, b,c

3)  Question: - Identify the correct statement from the following.
Option A: - If restoring force is more,                                                       Option B: -  There is no relation between restoring elasticity of the material is more       force and elasticity of the material

Option C: - If restoring force is less,                                                                                          Option D: -  If restoring force is more,
                         elasticity of the material is more                               elasticity of the material is less

4)  Question: - The viscous force between the adjacent liquid layers is inversely proportional to the________.
Option A: - Area of contact of                      two adjacent                      Option B: -  Distance between two adjacent layers layers

Option C: - Velocity difference between     Option D: -  None of the above two adjacent layers

5)  Question: - The weight of a person in air is 69kg, but weight of the same person in water may be 49kg, i.e. there is loss of weight due to ________ force.
Option A: - viscous                                                                           Option B: - gravitational
Option C: - buoyancy                                                                       Option D: - none of the above

6)  Question: - Which of the following statement is true for viscosity of liquids?
Option A: - Viscosity increases with the                           increase in temperature

Option C: -  Viscosity decreases with the                                          increase in temperature
Option B: -  Viscosity increases with the decrease in temperature
Option D: - Viscosity decreases with the decrease in temperature

Topic 2

7)  Question: - A train crosses a tunnel in 25 seconds. At the entry of the tunnel, its velocity is 54 km/hr and at the exit of the tunnel, the velocity is 72 km/hr. Then the length of the tunnel is _________________
Option A: - 237.5 m                                                                         Option B: - 337.5 m
                      437.5 m                                                                         Option D: - 537.5 m

8)  Question: - A Car of mass 1500 Kg is moving with a Velocity 45km/hr find the momentum of car.
Option A: - 67500 kg-m/s                                                              Option B: - 18750 kg-m/s
Option C: - 30 kg-m/s                                                                      Option D: - 41650 kg-m/s

9)  Question: - One Watt = ______________
Option A: - 1 J/s                                                                                Option B: - 107 erg/S
Option C: - 105 dyne                                                                         Option D: - both (a) and (b)

10)               Question: - An aeroplane is moving horizontally with a velocity u. It drops a packet when it is at height h. The time taken by the packet in reaching the ground will be _______                                       

11)               Question: - A point mass is projected making an acute angle with the horizontal. If angle between velocity `v` and acceleration `a` or its path is Ѳ then_________________
Option A: - Ѳ = 0°                                                                             Option B: - Ѳ = 90°
Option C: - 90° < Ѳ < 0°                                                                  Option D: - 0° < Ѳ < 90°

12)               Question: - A stone is released from the window of a moving train. The path of the particle as observed by a person on the ground is __________
Option A: - straight line     Option B: - circular elliptical     Option D: - parabolic

Topic 3

13)  Question: - The ratio of photon energy to its frequency is ________
Option A: - its speed                                                        Option B: - its velocity
Option C: - its wavelength                                             Option D: - plancks constant

14)  Question: - The work function of a substance is 1.6 eV. Find the longest wavelength of light that can produce photoemission from the substance.
Option A: - 2900 Å                                                            Option B: - 3867 Å
Option C: - 5800 Å                                                            Option D: - 7734 Å

15)  Question: - Out of the following which diagram explains population inversion __________ 
16)  Question: - LASER light is coherent ________
Option A: - All the waves have same frequency    Option B: - All the waves are exactly in the same phase
Option C: - All the waves have same wavelength    Option D: - All the waves are exactly in the opposite                                  phase

17)  Question: - In He-Ne LASER, the tube is filled with______
Option A: - 10 % He and 90 % Ne                                               Option B: - 20 % He and 80 % Ne
Option C: - 90 % He and 10 % Ne                                                Option D: - 80 % He and 20 % Ne

18)  Question: - The conductivity of LDR increases as
Option A: - intensity of light increases                                     Option B: - intensity of light decrease
Option C: - wavelength of light increases                                Option D: - None of the above

Topic 4

19)  Question: - A property of metal by virtue of which it can resist wear, penetration and scratching by
other materials is known as its __________                                                     
Option A: -     Machinability                                                                                                           Option B: -  Toughness
Option C: -     Tensile strength                                                                                                      Option D: -  Hardness
20)  Question: - An alloy used in making parts of aeroplane is.....
Option A: - Brass     Option B: - Duralumin stainless steel    Option D: - Gun metal

21)  Question: - Chemical formula of copper pyrite ore is______
Option A: - Cu2O                                                                                        Option B: - Cu2S
Option C: - CuFeS2                                                                            Option D: - CuCO3

22)  Question: - Purification of blister copper is done by _______ method.
Option A: - Liquation                                                                           Option B: - ELectrorefining
Option C: - Distillation                                                                    Option D: - Poling

23)  Question: - The composition of Duralumin is...
Option A: - Al=95% , Cu=4%, Mg= 0.5%, Mn= 0.5 %       Option B: - Al=95% , Pb=4%, Mg= 0.5%, Mn= 0.5 %
Option C: - Al=95% , Sn=4%, Mg= 0.5%, Mn= 0.5 %       Option D: - Al=95% ,  Fe=4%, Mg= 0.5%, Mn= 0.5 %

Topic 5

24)  Question: - By using hard water, the Caustic embrittlement in boilers take place mainly due to the formation of ______
Option A: - H2SO4                                                            Option B: - NaOH
Option C: - HCl                                                                 Option D: - NH4OH

25)  Question: - The substance that can be used as a coagulating agent in water treatment _______
Option A: - Copper sulphate                                                         Option B: - calcium sulphate
Option C: - Ferrous sulphate                                                      Option D: - Magnesium sulphate
26)  Question: - During "COD test" of sewage, organic matter is oxidized by _________
Option A: - potassium dichromate                                             Option B: - Sodium chloride
Option C: - Hydrochloric Acid                                                       Option D: - calcium carbonate

27)  Question: - In the ion exchange process, exhausted cation ex-changer are regenerated by using ________
Option A: - Brine solution                                                              Option B: - Neutral solution
Option C: - Acidic solution                                                             Option D: - Alkaline solution

28)  Question: - "The reversal of solvent flow from higher concentration to lower concentration solution through semipermeable membrane” is the main principle of_____________
Option A: - Ion exchange                                                               Option B: - Soda lime
Option C: - Zeolite process                                                            Option D: - Reverse osmosis process

Topic 6

29)  Question: - Combustion reaction of the fuel is _________ reaction.
Option A: - Exothermic                                                  Option B: - Endothermic 
Option C: - Catalytic                                                         Option D: - redox 
30)  Question: - _______ containing coal is not suitable for the preparation of metallurgical coke. 
Option A: - sulphur                                                          Option B: - Nitrogen
Option C: - oxygen                                                           Option D: - Hydrogen

31)  Question: - The fraction of petroleum used for preparing candles and boot polish is  _________.
Option A: - Paraffin wax                                                              Option B: - wax oil 
Option C: - petrol                                                                                Option D: - castor oil

32)  Question: - When a gaseous fuel is completely burned in presence of oxygen the product obtained, along with heat is ___________
Option A: - Carbon dioxide & water                                          Option B: - Carbon monoxide & water
Option C: - Carbon particles & water                                         Option D: - Carbon dioxide & Carbon monoxide

33)  Question: - Molecular Weight of Carbon dioxide is equal to _________
Option A: - 44                                                                                    Option B: - 40 
Option C: - 50                                                                                     Option D: - 45 

Sample Questions APPLIED SCIENCE (22211)
(For Term End Online Examination, there will be 25 (15 x 1Mark questions +
10 x 2Marks questions = 35 Marks) questions each on Physics and Chemistry.) Topic 1
1)      Question: ‐ Two capacitance 4µF and 8µF are first connected in series and then parallel their equivalent capacitance are _____ and _______ respectively.
Option A: ‐ 2.66µF, 12 µF                                                                               Option B: ‐ 12µF, 2.66 µF
Option C: ‐ 4µF, 12µF                                                                                      Option D: ‐ 12µF, 4µF

2)      Question: ‐ Three capacitors each of capacity C are connected. The resultant capacity (2C/3) can be obtained by connecting __________.
Option A: ‐   all of them in series               

   Option B: ‐     all of them in parallel
Option C: ‐ Two  of them  in parallel          and  third in series with this combination

   Option D: ‐  Two of them in series and third in parallel across this

3)      Question: ‐ If the area of metal plates of capacitor with capacitance C is doubled, then capacitance will become _____.
Option A: ‐ C                                                                                       Option B: ‐ 2C
Option C: ‐ 4C                                                                                     Option D: ‐ C/2

4)      Question: ‐ A capacitor of capacity 50µF is connected across a supply of 5V. Find the energy stored in the capacitor.
Option A: ‐ 625 µJ                                                                                             Option B: ‐ 6.25 J
Option C: ‐ 62.5 J                                                                                              Option D: ‐ 125 µJ

5)      Question: ‐ When condensers are connected in parallel, _________ gets divided into a number of parts.

Option A: ‐ charge                                                                                            Option B: ‐ current
Option C: ‐ Both (A) and (B)                                                                          Option D: ‐ potential

6)      Question: ‐ The algebraic sum of voltages around any closed path in network is equal to ________.
Option A: ‐ Infinity                                                                            Option B: ‐ ‐1
Option C: ‐ 0                                                                                       Option D: ‐ +1

Topic 2

7)      Question: ‐ Who of the following is associated with radioactivity?
Option A: ‐ Henry Becquerel                                                        Option B: ‐ Issac Newton
Option C: ‐ Albert Einstein                                                            Option D: ‐ C. V. Raman

8)      Question: ‐ The half‐life period of a radioactive element is 5 years. If the number of atoms present initially (at t=0 years) is 20,000; how many atoms would remain after 20 years?
Option A: ‐ 10,000                                                                            Option B: ‐ 7,500
Option C: ‐ 5,000                                                                               Option D: ‐ 20,000

9)      Question: ‐ Half‐life period of a radioactive element is given by T =_______ where all symbols have usual meanings.
Option A: ‐ 0.693/λ                                                                          Option B: ‐ 0.693 λ
Option C: ‐ 0.693/N                                                                         Option D: ‐ 0.693 N

10)   Question: ‐ Which wave has same frequency and periodic time as wave A

Option A: ‐ Wave B                                                                          Option B: ‐ Wave C
Option C: ‐ Wave D                                                                          Option D: ‐ Both (B) and (C)

11)   Question: ‐ Which of the following statement is not true?  When the observer moves away

12   Question: ‐ A siren of police car emits pure tone at a frequency of 640 Hz. Find the frequency that a stationary person would hear when the car approaches him. The police car is moving towards him at 20 m/s. (Velocity of sound in air =340 m/s)
Option A: ‐ 680 Hz                                                                            Option B: ‐ 604.45 Hz
Option C: ‐ 1360 Hz                                                                          Option D: ‐ 1208.89 Hz

Topic 3

13)   In photoelectric effect, by increasing the intensity of incident light on the surface of the metal, _______ increases
Option A: ‐ photoelectric current                                               Option B: ‐ penentration power
Option C: ‐ ionizing power                                                            Option D: ‐ stopping potential

14)   Question: ‐ The photoelectric work function of the metal is 3.3eV. Then the threshold frequency of the metal will be _________.
Option A: ‐ 7.96 × 1014Hz                                                               Option B: ‐ 8.96 × 1014Hz 
Option C: ‐ 7.96 × 1015Hz                                                               Option D: ‐ 8.96 × 1015Hz

15)   Question: ‐ Which of the following are properties of the photon?

Option A: ‐  indivisible entity                                                                        Option B: ‐ travels with speed of light
Option C: ‐  Does  not get  deflected          by electric           or                          Option D: ‐ All of the above magnetic field  

16)   Question: ‐ The wavelength of 1 keV photon is 1.24 × 10‐9m, then frequency of 1 MeV photon is _________.
Option A: ‐ 1.24 × 1015Hz                                                               Option B: ‐ 2.4 × 1015Hz Option C: ‐ 1.24 × 1020Hz                                                   Option D: ‐ 2.4 × 1020Hz

17)   Question: ‐ In He‐Ne laser, He atom transfer their energy to Ne atom through _______
Option A: ‐ elastic collision                                                           Option B: ‐ inelastic collision
Option C: ‐ abosrption                                                                    Option D: ‐ emission

18)   Question: ‐ A laser consists of active medium of collection of _______
Option A: ‐ atoms                                                                             Option B: ‐ molecule
Option C: ‐ ions                                                                                 Option D: ‐ All of these

Topic 4

19)                                     Chlorides should be removed from potable water as they render _________
Option A: ‐ carcinogenic                                                                                Option B: ‐ teratogenic
Option C: ‐ unaeshthetic and peculiar taste                                           Option D: ‐ highly toxic

20)                                     Question: ‐ Corrosion of boiler occurs due to dissolved carbon dioxide can be removed by addition of calculated quantity of _________
Option A: ‐ Hydrochloric acid                                                                       Option B: ‐ sulphuric acid
Option C: ‐ Nitric acid                                                                                      Option D: ‐ Ammonia

21)                                     Question: ‐ Pollution of water bodies can be controlled by ______________
Option A: ‐      Releasing                  industrial              effluents     into water bodies.
Option C: ‐   throwing plastic into water bodies. 
Option B: ‐   dumping waste in water bodies.
Option D: ‐  Treatment of sewage waste before disposal

22)                                     Question: ‐ Disinfection of water, during water treatment helps in removal of _________
Option A: ‐ salts from water                                                         Option B: ‐ pathogenic bacteria from water Option C: ‐ hardness from water                                     Option D: ‐ dissolved oxygen from water

23)                                     Question: ‐ Soap is a mixture of fatty acids like ____________
Option A: ‐ hydrochloric acid                                                                       Option B: ‐ nitric acid
Option C: ‐ oxalic acid                                                                                     Option D: ‐ stearic acid

24)                                     Question: ‐ Which of the given dissolved salts in water will cause the maximum hardness in water sample.
Option A: ‐ 10 ppm of CaCO3                                                                        Option B: ‐ 10 pppm of CaSO4
Option C: ‐ 10 ppm of MgCl2                                                                        Option D: ‐ 10 ppm of Mg(OH)2

Topic 5

25)   During Titration of acetic acid with sodium hydroxide, the conductivity of solution increases after equivalence point is due to______
Option A: ‐ increase in number Hydroxide ions 
Option B: ‐ Neutralisation of acetic acid
Option C: ‐ formation of water                                    
Option D: ‐ Removal of sodium hydroxide

26)   Question: ‐ The resistance (R) of a conductor of uniform cross section is directly proportional to_________
Option A: ‐ Length                                                                            Option B: ‐ Depth
Option C: ‐ Width                                                                             Option D: ‐ breadth

27)   Question: ‐ Hydrogen electrode is used to determine which of the given property of solution.
Option A: ‐ conductivity                                                                 Option B: ‐ Density
Option C: ‐ Resistivity                                                                      Option D: ‐ none of these

28)   Question: ‐ The Volumetric analysis, which is based on change in conductance of solution at equivalence point during titration is known as ________
Option A: ‐ Gravimetric analysis                                                 Option B: ‐ Iodometry
Option C: ‐ Conductometric titrations                                      Option D: ‐ Complexometric titrations

29)   Question: ‐ In an electrolytic cell, Cathode is the electrode which is ________
Option A: ‐ connected to Negative pole of battery              Option B: ‐ connected to Positive pole of battery Option C: ‐ Positive terminal                                                              Option D: ‐ Negative terminal

30)   Question: ‐ Match the following: The type of Battery & their applications
1]  Lead acid cell                                        A] Laptop, Digital Camera
2]  Ni‐cd cell                                                B] Hospitals, laboratories
3]  Fuel cell                                                   c] Cordless appliances
4]  Lithium‐Lithium ion battery             d] Communication system, airborne equipment in space
Option A: ‐ 1‐B  2‐C  3‐D  4‐A                                                        Option B: ‐ 1‐C  2‐D  3‐A  4‐B
Option C: ‐ 1‐A  2‐B  3‐C  4‐D                                                        Option D: ‐ 1‐D  2‐A  3‐B  4‐C

Topic 6

31)   Question: ‐ Copper Constantan is which type of thermocouple?
Option A: ‐ Type‐E                                                                                            Option B: ‐ Type‐K
Option C: ‐ Type‐T                                                                                            Option D: ‐ Type‐B

32)   Question: ‐ Name the super‐cooled liquid consisting of mixture of silicates, phosphates, borates and other material with 50‐80% of silica.
Option A: ‐ Mica                                                                                                Option B: ‐ Ceramics
Option C: ‐ Asbestos                                                                                        Option D: ‐ Glass

33)   Question: ‐ The process used to improve the drawback of crude rubber is................
Option A: ‐ Vulcanization                                                                               Option B: ‐ Polymerization
Option C: ‐ Heating                                                                                          Option D: ‐ None of these

34)   Question: ‐ Mass can neither be produced nor destroyed i.e. mass is conserved, this law is called ____________
Option A: ‐ Law of conservation of energy                                              Option B: ‐ Law of conservation of mass
Option C: ‐ Faradays first law                                                                       Option D: ‐ Hooks law

35)   Question: ‐ Which among the following is/ are correct?
Graphene is:
1)            A three dimensional network material                2)              Used in nanotechnology
3)            One of the strongest isotope of carbon            
Option A: ‐ Only 1 and 2                                                                Option B: ‐ Only 2 and 3
Option C: ‐ Only 3                                                                             Option D: ‐ None of them

36) Question: ‐ A hot liquid kept in a thermos is an example of which type of system.
Option A: ‐ open system                                                               Option B: ‐ closed system
Option C: ‐ isolated system                                                           Option D: ‐ None of these



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