Top important features of Java Programming cwipedia

Top features of Java 

  • Simple
  • Secure
  • Object Oriented 
  • Portable
  • Platform Independence
  • Robust
  • Architecture neutral
  • Interpreted 
  • High-Performance
  • Multi-Threaded
  • Distributed 
  • Dynamic


Java is extremely simple to find out, and its syntax is easy, clean and simple to graspin line with Sun, Java language could be a straightforward programing language because:

Java syntax is predicated on C++ (so easier for programmers to find out it once C++).
Java has removed several sophisticated and rarely-used optionsfor instanceexpress pointers, operator overloading, etc.
There is no have to be compelled to take away unreferenced objects as a result of there's associate Automatic trash collection in Java.

Object Oriented:

Java is Associate in Nursing object-oriented programing language. Everything in Java is Associate in Nursing object. Object-oriented means that we tend to organize our computer code as a mixture of various styles of objects that includes each knowledge and behavior.

Object-oriented programming (OOPs) may be a methodology that simplifies computer code development and maintenance by providing some rules.

Basic concepts of OOPs are:



Platform Independent:

Java is platform freelance as a result of it's totally different from different languages like C, C++, etc. that square measure compiled into platform specific machines whereas Java may be a write once, run anyplace language. A platform is that the hardware or package setting within which a program runs.

There square measure 2 varieties of platforms software-based and hardware-based. Java provides a software-based platform.

The Java platform differs from most different platforms within the sense that it's a software-based platform that runs on the highest of different hardware-based platforms. it's 2 components:

Runtime setting
API(Application Programming Interface)
Java code is run on multiple platforms, for instance, Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, Mac/OS, etc. Java code is compiled by the compiler and born-again into bytecode. This bytecode may be a platform-independent code as a result of it is run on multiple platforms, i.e., Write Once and Run Anywhere(WORA).


Java is design neutral as a result of there aren't any implementation dependent options, for instance, the scale of primitive sorts is fastened.

In C programming, int information sort occupies two bytes of memory for 32-bit design and four bytes of memory for 64-bit design. However, it occupies four bytes of memory for each thirty two and 64-bit architectures in Java.


Java is portable because it facilitates you to carry the Java bytecode to any platform. It doesn't require any implementation.


Java is quicker than alternative ancient understood programming languages as a result of Java bytecode is "close" to native code. it's still a touch bit slower than a compiled language (e.g., C++). Java is associate understood language that's why it's slower than compiled languages, e.g., C, C++, etc.


A thread is sort of a separate program, corporal punishment at the same time. we are able to write Java programs that alter several tasks promptly by shaping multiple threads. the most advantage of multi-threading is that it does not occupy memory for every thread. It shares a typical memory space. Threads area unit necessary for multi-media, net applications, etc.

Java may be a dynamic language. It supports dynamic loading of categories. It means that categories square measure loaded on demand. It additionally supports functions from its native languages, i.e., C and C++.

Java supports dynamic compilation and automatic memory management (garbage collection).


Robust merely means that robust. Java is powerful because:

It uses robust memory management.
There is an absence of pointers that avoids security issues.
There is automatic trash pickup in java that runs on the Java Virtual Machine to induce eliminate objects that don't seem to be getting used by a Java application any longer.
There square measure exception handling and also the kind checking mechanism in Java. of these points build Java sturdy.


Java is best known for its security. With Java, we can develop virus-free systems. Java is secured because:
  • No explicit pointer
  • Java Programs run inside a virtual machine sandbox