Introduction to Python

Introduction to Python:

Python could be a general purpose, dynamic, high level and taken artificial language. It supports Object destined programming approach to develop applications. it's straightforward and straightforward to be told and provides scores of high-level information structures.

Python is straightforward to be told nonetheless powerful and versatile scripting language that makes it enticing for Application Development.

Python's syntax and dynamic typewriting with its taken nature, makes it a perfect language for scripting and fast application development.

Python supports multiple programming pattern, as well as object destined, imperative and purposeful or procedural programming designs.

Python isn't meant to figure on special space like internet programming. that's why it's called utile as a result of it is used with internet, enterprise, 3D CAD etc.

We don't got to use information sorts to declare variable as a result of it's dynamically written therefore we will write a=10 to assign Associate in Nursing number price in Associate in Nursing number variable.

Python makes the event and debugging quick as a result of there's no compilation step enclosed in python development and edit-test-debug cycle is incredibly quick.